Happy New Year!

This year, we think it is a good idea for you to become reacquainted with your water softener. You probably just fill the salt tank once every couple of months and don’t think much about what your water softener is costing you to run. But, did you know that every time a residential water softener regenerates it uses about 75 gallons of water? That is like having another person living in your home! That is also why it’s important to have a water softener that runs efficiently and regenerates only as needed — which will save you money on water softener salt and keep your water bill lower, too. Let’s talk numbers…

I spoke to a customer yesterday who is currently using 400 LBs of salt a month for a 3-person household. Does that sound like a lot of salt to you? It should. At this rate, this customer will buy 4,800 LBs of salt per year — more than 5 times what we would estimate an average household to use. (At Peterson Salt, we estimate 40-80LBs per month for a typical household, which is about 1-2 bags per month).

If this sounds like you, then it is definitely time to evaluate your current water softener situation. Maybe your water softener isn’t even very old yet, in which case a simple adjustment to the settings could save you from that mountain of salt you’ve been lugging down to the basement.

Service calls with Peterson Salt are a completely risk free way to determine the best solution for your softener. Either we will repair your softener, OR we will credit our time from the service call 100 percent toward the purchase price of new equipment.

If you are in the market for new equipment, we have a lot of options to consider. One of our favorite residential water softeners is the Fleck 6700 Upflow. This is a metered softener that will regenerate based on your water usage. It uses upflow brine technology to recharge the resin bed from bottom to top, which gives you more capacity per regeneration and prolongs the life of your resin bed. The coolest feature of the Fleck 6700, though, is it’s ability to track your water usage in order to determine the exact amount of soft water your need on reserve. This feature is called “variable reserve” and it is what makes the 6700 one of our most efficient residential water softeners. By limiting the amount of reserve gallons your water softener is “setting aside” for the night of regeneration, you are getting more gallons to use.

This New Year, why not invest in a water softener that will not only protect your household appliances — such as your dishwasher and washing machine — but will also save you money on salt and water?

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