Fleck 5800 SXT

Product Description

The beloved 5600 SXT by Pentair has some new competition for “best-selling softener” at Peterson Salt. Aside from its sleek new look, the Fleck 5800 SXT has refined some of its inner workings, providing optimum results and an even longer service life.


  • New soft water refill feature keeps your brine tank cleaner
  • Designed with double backwash for reduced hardness leakage
  • Programming stored in memory, so your settings will not be lost after a power outage
  • **5 year warranty on valve and 10 year warranty on tanks**

Key Features

  • Non-corrosive and UV resistant fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior durability
  • Improved continuous service flow rate of 21 GPM with a backwash of 1.5-2.4 GPM depending on tank size
  • Backwash capability accommodates softener tanks up to 16″ and filter up to 16″ in diameter
  • Fully adjustable controls for efficient and reliable water treatment
  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for easier service and regeneration
  • Optical sensor for a more precise regeneration cycle

Fleck 5800 SXT (Upflow/Downflow)

Download the Fleck 5800 SXT manual to find out more!


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