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As a small business, we are somewhat limited in our ability to travel long distances for salt deliveries, water softener installations, and equipment repairs. Locations must be approved by Peterson Salt & Water Treatment before any service can be guaranteed to take place.

Approved locations beyond 30 minutes away from our shop in Hopkins, MN, may be charged additional fees.

Regardless of location, ALL service technician calls will be billed for a standard trip charge. An additional labor fee will be added to your bill after the first 15 minutes of the technician’s work on site, and the cost of parts will be an additional charge.

In most cases, there are NO additional charges for salt deliveries — all you pay for is the salt, assuming you are located within a Peterson-approved area. Salt deliveries may also include a labor charge if the client’s delivery request requires what we consider substantial additional labor from our salt drivers. Peterson Salt & Water Treatment reserves the right to charge additional fees OR decline service to locations we consider outside of our parameters.

Please contact our office at 952-929-0422 or e-mail sales@petersonsalt.com if you are unsure whether or not your location is within our radius, or if you think you may be applicable for added fees.

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