Hard water hardships? Not for these St. Louis Park customers!

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Hard water is hard to deal with–no matter where you are or how many hardness grains you have per gallon.

Although our Brooklyn Park friends have it arguably the worst in the area with a whopping 32 g.p.g., anybody with hard water (between 7 and 10 g.p.g.) is subject to its negative effects, including: dingy laundry; spotty dishes; dull hair; dry skin, etc….

Wherever you go, hard water is still hard water, and we can treat that!


A plethora of St. Louis Park folks rely on us to protect them from hard water; here are some real reviews from just a handful of them:


Our softener installation went great. Peterson Salt was knowledgeable and got the work done in a timely manner. We did have to have them come out a second time, but when we contacted them they came our right away and got it taken care of!

Their salt delivery online order system works well, easy to fill out. They called to confirm when they would deliver the salt, giving me a two hour time window. The delivery was right on time and contained exactly what I ordered.

I really like Peterson Salt. They are courteous, responsive and well organized. I love the salt delivery. They have it set up so I can order easily over the internet. The contact person, Michelle makes me feel like making things easy for me is priority, and I appreciate the courtesy. Awesome job guys! Thank you.

Peterson Salt was very easy to deal with, answering all my questions, and was able to install a new water softener within a week of my call. The young service man that came out to do the installation was very prompt, professional, and efficient. It only took about an hour to install, and he gave me clear instructions on how to operate the softener. Their price was very reasonable, and included 5 bags of salt. I had used this company last year to service an aging softener, and was very pleased with the results, again being very efficient and fairly priced.


You don’t need to live with rock-hard water if you don’t want to.

If you are looking for a water treatment company who will offer you great service at a reasonable price, we’d like to tell you that we’re your people!