Customer reviews! Thanks for a great winter season

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Everybody has their personal favorite winter activity; mine is reading Peterson Salt customer reviews by the fire.

Thank you to each of our customers who took the time to write our company a review on their recent service experiences this winter! We love getting your feedback and we hope that our service continues to exceed your expectations and makes life a little bit easier!


March 3, 2014 — Robbinsdale, MN

“[Peterson Salt] installed a new water softener. It went well. They removed the old softener and put in the new one. I love this softener. It softens automatically when needed. Peterson also delivers salt to me whenever I need it. It’s great cause I don’t have to lift those heavy bags at the grocery store. My last contact with them was for a salt delivery.”


February 25, 2014 — Minneapolis, MN

“Installation of reverse osmosis filtered drinking water system and counter top faucet. Customer service was excellent giving answers to questions. Installer was very professional and nice and explained everything we needed to know.”

– Romina

February 25, 2014 — Minnetonka, MN

“We have been purchasing salt for our water softener from Peterson for 10 years. They bring it over, carry it to the basement and fill the softener.  Love it!”


February 15, 2014 — Edina, MN

“Installed a new water softener. Great – AJ is awesome.  I loved working with him and this company – great communicators.  Highly recommend!”


January 26, 2014 — Mound, MN

I had a leak in my water treatment system.  They came and fixed it and found another small problem while they were there, ordered a part and came back and fixed it too. I have used Peterson for over 20 years, and find them to be absolutely wonderful!  I wouldn’t ever call anyone else.They actually installed our current system 22 years ago and it’s still great!

– Mary Jane



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