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Customer reviews for Peterson Salt and Water Treatment in Hopkins, MN.

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June 15, 2012

Peterson Salt was the most affordable around. They were knowledgeable, had great products, and the guys that came were very helpful.

– Erinn (Burnsville, MN)


June 14, 2012

We had used Peterson to repair our leaking water softener, and while they were here they were able to identify a “mystery tank” connected to the water system as a whole-house carbon filter.  We’d never owned one before, so we didn’t know anything about it.  They explained it needed to be re-bedded with carbon every few years, and until we did that, they disconnected it so we weren’t sending our water through the very old carbon which was likely full of contaminants.  They explained our water filtration options and we were able to make the decision to continue using it.  We called them and they came and took the tank to their offices to clean it and fill it with fresh carbon.  AJ was great to work with, as always, and this work was done efficiently and effectively.  This was our third experience with Peterson in the last 6 weeks and they have all gone extremely well.  They are excellent to do business with.

– Laurie   (Medina, MN)


June 11, 2012

The repair man was determined to get our current softener working again.  He kept updating me as needed. Very good service!

– Robin (Champlain, MN)


May 7, 2012

My water softener had not worked for several months.  I called Peterson’s first to see if someone could take a look at it to see if it could be fixed and second what were my options if I needed to replace it.  Within a few days, someone came out, looked over the old one and determined that it was so old they couldn’t get parts for it.  I then called and talked with Michelle, discussed what my options were on a new softener and 3 days later, they came out and installed it.  Marc was efficient, neat,  hauled away the old unit and did a great job.  The price was within the range I was thinking I could spend and is a quality product.  They were great to do business with.

– Linda (Minnetonka, MN)