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Big Box retailers: a water softener comparison

By February 7, 2013 February 26th, 2021 No Comments

Shopping for a new water softener and not sure where you will find the best deal?

The prices at Big Box dealers like Home Depot and Lowe’s look good, but are you really getting the best value for your dollar?

Here is a direct comparison between the types of equipment you will find at a registered water softener dealer vs. the big box hardware stores:


Cheaper plastic —- vs. —- Reinforced norly plastic

Brine system with many parts that can fail — vs. — One brine valve and one cam

Rotory style discs that create friction  — vs. — One piston that slides thru positions

Single tank system — vs. — Two tank system where salt is kept in a separate tank

1-year warranty — vs. — 5-year warranty

Basic programming options — vs. — Advanced electronics package that allows you to track water usage, set hardness levels, set regeneration times, etc.

Plastic bypass — vs. — Stainless steel bypass

Plumber hired separately — vs. — Install included with equipment purchase

Store purchase — vs. — Customized quote to make sure you get the right size unit

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