Ice dams are as lethal as they look. If not taken care of, they can create leaks in your roof.

1)   Ice dams form on roofs when warm air leaks through the top of a house, melting snow that then freezes as it drips down toward the eaves or rain gutters. This ice then blocks other water from properly draining, and can cause leaks to form and drip into the house causing more serious damage. If ice dams are beginning to form on your home or business, you can try removing them yourself with this homemade solution. Try putting rock salt in a leg of pantyhose, tying off the end, then carefully placing it on top of the ice dams. Eventually, the salt will soak through the pantyhose and onto the ice, helping to break it up without using a more expensive removal service.

What kid doesn't love to practice penmanship in a fogged window? Get rid of the fog, problem solved. No more fingerprints on your nice, clean windows.

What kid doesn’t love to practice penmanship on a foggy window? Get rid of the fog, problem solved. No more fingerprints on your clean windows.

2)   Throughout the winter, frost can accumulate on inside of windows in your home or car. Try rubbing the glass with a sponge soaked in a saltwater solution, then blot it dry. You can try this on your car windshield as well as long as you apply the saltwater where it won’t immediately freeze! Try applying the saltwater in a heated garage or parking structure. 

car stuck in snow

For the next time your car gets stuck in the snow, and you know it will, make sure you have a bag of salt and a shovel on hand.

3) Worried about what will happen if your car gets stuck? Keep a bag of salt in your trunk! Scattered rock salt can help provide traction for tires that are stuck on a slippery surface. If you’re stuck on a patch of ice, the salt may even help to melt the problem away.

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