Should I replace my water softener? Is repair worth the cost?

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I am a customer in Edina, MN and I have a water softener that is not working. I have doubts regarding how much it really is worth it to fix this softener. It’s a 16 year old Kenmore from Sears Minneapolis. Is it valuable to fix the unit at this age? How much more life would I get from the softener if I had it fixed?


Do you repair the water softener, or do you buy a new one? That’s a great question! Let’s talk about it.

I really feel that it all depends on the current problem the water softener is having. If the softener is not using salt and the water is not running at the drain, I would recommend having one of our service technicians taking a look at the softener before rushing to replace it. The problem could be as simple as a salt bridge. In a later post, I will explain exactly what a salt bridge is and how you can fix it with tools you have around your house.

I have to admit that I do have some reservations on repairing a 16-year-old Sears water softener, especially since the life of most water softeners is between 20 and 25 years. Also, as softeners age they lose 1-2 percent of their softening capacity every year. For a water softener that is 16-years-old I would only repair it if minimal parts were needed.

One benefit of fixing a 16-year-old Sears Kenmore unit is extending its life and getting the most out of the water softener. Also, repairing can save you money. Often, it can be much less expensive to repair the softener, rather than replace it, and so the repair might make more sense for you financially. At Peterson Salt and Water Treatment, the cost of a basic service call can run between $69.50- $89.50 without the cost of parts. If a new water softener is the option that works best for your home, Peterson Salt carries a complete line of high efficiency on-demand water softeners. In upcoming blog posts we will discuss more specific options for repair or replacement.