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Take advantage of our FREE services at Peterson Salt & Water Treatment

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At Peterson Salt & Water Treatment we are committed to giving our customers top-quality service at competitive prices, and what price is better than free? It may surprise you, but Peterson Salt has a wide variety of free services for new and existing customers:

1)      Water Hardness Testing

Have you recently purchased a new home and you want to know if you need a water softener? Or, maybe you’ve always been curious to know how much hardness is in your water? Bring a water sample to Peterson Salt and we can test your hardness for you at no charge. All we need is two samples from your bathroom faucet: One hot water sample and one cold water sample.

2)     Water Softener Troubleshooting

Having a problem with your water softener? Want to see if you can fix it yourself before calling for repairs? Give us a call at 952 929 0422 for over-the-phone troubleshooting.

3)     Quotes for New Equipment

Looking to buy a new water softener? Unsure of what would be the best for your home or business? Whether you’re looking for a high-capacity softener for a commercial facility or for a softener that suits a family of four, our staff can recommend the best water softener for your specific needs. Call today at 952-929-0422 or send an e-mail to Michelle@petersonsalt.com

4)     First Salt Order? Get a Free Bag of Salt!

Looking to sign up for our salt delivery service? New customers ordering at least ten 50-lb bags of water softener salt will get an extra bag of salt free of charge.

5)     Free Delivery!

Peterson Salt and Water Treatment can deliver salt directly to your home or business free of charge. Our delivery drivers will even put it in the tank for you! All you pay for is the salt.

On top of our free services, Peterson Salt & Water Treatment offers a wide variety of competitively priced salt and services. If you’re looking for any water softener services, installations or repairs, call (952) 929-0422 or email us at sales@petersonsalt.com. Be sure to ask about our “Keep Full” service options!