Salt in my water? Should I drink it?

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When we think of salt in our water, one of the first things we think of is the ocean. We are told not to drink sea water because its high salt content can actually dehydrate you and potentially make you sick. So if salt water is so bad for the human body, why do we have water softeners that add salt to our drinking water?

Whether you live in St. Louis Park, Robbinsdale, or many other suburbs around the Twin Cities, you probably need a water softener in your home or business. But have you ever wondered what all that salt actually does to the water you drink and cook with every day?

 The truth is that, ocean or not, there is a certain level of salt in nearly all naturally occurring water sources. Although the salt content of the ocean is dangerously high for humans, the Sodium that we receive from our drinking water is less than ten percent of our daily-recommended amount.

Still, there are those among us, such as those who are suffering from high blood pressure, who need to regulate the amount of Sodium in their diets for health reasons. If you are looking to lower your daily salt intake, you can drink distilled water (water that has most chemical impurities removed) or you can look into a reverse osmosis water softening system.

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FUN FACT: The Dead Sea has one of the highest salt concentrations of any body of water in the world. It is 33.7 percent salt, which means swimmer can very easily float on top of it!