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Salt that does cool stuff and the backwash that isn’t gross

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Some people like salt on their tomatoes, some like salt in their tanks…
But we all use salt for something, right?


As promised, I’m here to deliver more information from the salt world.
But, since things have been crazier than usual at the office (our main servicing technician A.J. is on vacation, our internet is throwing a tantrum; our senior lawn specialist/accountant Abby is leaving us Friday, a salt truck broke down…etc.) this week’s blog is short, sweet and to-the-point.


So, without further ado, here are some weird ways to use salt that I’m itching to try out…

5. Flea killer!

flea killer

Yes, this is a thing. Watch the video.

4. Toothbrush cleanser!

My mom always tells me to gargle with salt water to kill the bacteria causing a sore throat, so it makes sense. Soak your toothbrush in a glass of salt water for 30-60 minutes at night to enjoy fresher breath and pearlier whites.

cat using toothbrush

3. Wine stain eraser!

Pour it on freshly spilled wine stains after you blot with a paper towel. There a few variations to this method, but the salt soaks up stains in all versions.

salt red wine stain removal


2. Poison Ivy crusher!

Combine three pounds of salt with a gallon of dish soap water, then use a sprayer on leaves and stems to get rid of poison ivy.

poison ivy

1. Candle de-dripper!

Soak candles in a saltwater solution and dry them out thoroughly to make your candles drip-proof. Finally, a candlelit dinner without charming wax spots all over your tablecloth!

birthday cake candles



And now, today’s water word is…


No, I don’t mean the disgusting thing some people do while drinking out of your water bottle.


This is the first step in your water softener’s quest for softness. The backwash cycle removes impurities from the resin tank (softener tank).

Essentially, it fluffs up the resin and primes for the brine and rinse cycles.


how I’d use it in a sentence:

“Man, that Fleck 9100’s backwash sure is great! I can tell it’s really setting the bar for the rest of the softener’s cycles!”