Peterson Salt: your Hopkins pool salt supplier!

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Water treatment doesn’t stop at water softeners and RO units; it applies to swimming pool salt, too.

Although swimming pools may not be as popular here in Minnesnowta as they are in the sunny states, we love them just as much. So, as long as you need products containing the word ‘salt’–we’re honored to be your pool salt supplier.


Pool maintenance is (admittedly) not our first language, but we don’t call ourselves water experts for nothing.

So, when it comes to pool salt and maintaining your salt water, what should you know?

Read the handy little article below to find out…



Q: I use a salt water chlorine generator. How do I test the salt levels in my swimming pool? Is it important to test the salt level often?

A: For homeowners with pools that use salt water generators, we recommend testing your salt water levels monthly, or any time there is a suspected problem.

One of the easiest ways to test salt levels is by using a test strip kit. Specifically, you will need a salt titrator test strip — which should be available through any pool dealer that sells salt water chlorine generators.

Another effective way of testing the salt level in your pool is with a liquid titration kit, where each drop is equivalent to so many parts per million of chlorine. Liquid kits are going to be more expensive than the test strips, but they will also provide you with more accurate results.

A version of this Q&A was originally published by WC&P Magazine