Hard water hair and how to fix it

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Bad hair day? Maybe it’s something in the water…

People go to great lengths to protect their hair from harsh, destructive, hard water.

If you don’t have a water softener this can be very challenging, but there are a myriad of home remedies out there for fixing your hard water hair.

This morning I’ve been reading articles about using an apple cider vinegar wash, choosing special expensive soaps, using argan oil instead of conditioner, spritzing with lemon juice, installing a shower filter, etc. etc. etc…. and so on.

I’m a woman who loves her hair, and home remedies that will make my hair stronger and give it more luster are definitely appealing to me. Actually, it’s why I was researching “hard water hair” as a topic for this post.

What is hard water hair?

I know that the sticky, dry, brittle, tangled hair is one of the main things women complain about when they call our office for hard water problems.

From my point of view, and let’s face it – I’m completely biased – one of the simplest things you can do is install a water softener in your home. Soft water makes it so much easier for soap to lather – and it is more gentle on your hair, too. If hard water, can make your pipes look like this, imagine what it is doing to your delicate hair follicles:

Hard water build up in home plumbing

Hard water build up in home plumbing.

Do yourself a favor and make life a little bit easier. Why spend an extra 20-30 minutes each day on a complicated hair washing routine when your problems could be solved with a water softener? Plus, you get the added bonuses of clearer dishes and whiter laundry. The shower filter and argan oil might help your hair follicles, but they won’t do much for the health of your hot water heater.


Soft water for highlights

Soft water also helps protect highlights from fading