Ask the expert: What if my water is too soft?

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Soft water is a wonderful thing.

Easy lathering, calcium-free dishwasher, laundry so bright it’ll make your eyes burn…

(Maybe not eye-burning, but very bright!)


However, sometimes, your water can be too soft.

Using too much salt too fast can leave skin feeling uncomfortably slick, not to mention the expense of all the extra salt being wasted.


We re-posted an article about too soft water below that you might find helpful:



Q: What can I do if my water feels too soft? I don’t like the slippery feeling!

A: This is a difficult question to answer because there are many benefits to soft water — and many people invest in high quality water treatment systems for their homes in order to remove water hardness. Hard water will leave scaling on dishes and create nasty build-up inside water pipes and your water heater. In some cases, hard water will reduce the life of your home appliances by up to 50 percent.

However, we completely understand that soft water does feel different, and some people don’t like that “slick” or “slippery” feeling. There is currently no type of water softener available in Minnesota that can leave hardness in your water, however, we have heard tell of a water ‘neutralizer’ that adds calcium back into the water — making it feel not quite as soft.

Be warned, however, calcium is one of the minerals that made your hard water so aggressive in the first place. You will be sacrificing the life of your appliances, the brightness of your white laundry in exchange for feeling not as slippery in the shower.

A version of this Q&A was originally published by WC&P Magazine



If you’re concerned, you can always have your water tested. We test water free of charge if you bring a hot and cold sample from your bathroom sink to our shop.

Expecting a salt delivery soon?  Let us know about your too soft water, and we can arrange to test it when we’re bringing in your salt.

If you’re noticing a change in your water quality you don’t like, and you want it fixed, give us a call. We’ll send one of our service technicians out to your home to double-check your water softener settings.