How to extend the life of your RO membrane

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The RO membrane is an essential component to your reverse osmosis system, but it requires extra gentle care to function properly.


Think of it this way: the RO membrane is to the reverse osmosis system as Frodo Baggins is to the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings.

It’s the heart of the RO unit, but it’s very vulnerable. The membrane needs the sediment and carbon filters to protect it from big damaging water particles in your tap.

So what does this “extra gentle care” include?

This Q&A we found has the answer…


Q: What can I do to lengthen the life of the membrane filter for the reverse osmosis drinking water system in my home?


A: Hard water is definitely damaging to an RO membrane. Softened water will be more gentle on your RO, lengthening it’s life-span. With soft water we would expect to see your RO membrane last for about 5 years.


A version of this Q&A was originally published by WC&P Magazine

So, please take care of your RO membrane. Let it live out its 5 years, and remember to schedule annual filter changes.

To close this on a fresh reminder, let’s revisit the nerdy analogy:

The membrane is like Frodo. If the membrane takes on too much of the work alone, it gets too worn out and just plain won’t work. If you wear out the membrane, the ring of Sauron may never be destroyed.

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