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Dishwasher residue? You might have hard water

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You spend an hour doing dishes only to realize that all your cleaning left you with that smug, spotty silverware look and streaky dishwasher residue on your glassware.

If it seems like your dishes are always coming out of the wash with a white, film-y dishwasher residue on them, you may be dealing with hard water.

What’s the deal, anyway?!

You can scrub more or change the soap  you use, or try to meticulously clean out every inch of your dishwasher–but all these efforts combined may not be enough to fix the problem. Hard water is difficult water.

What you may need is a water softener.

Water softeners are specifically designed to remove the minerals from your water that make it difficult for soap to lather. These are minerals like calcium and magnesium — and they are the reason that your clean dishes look cloudy.

Bear in mind that if you can see hard water stains on your dishes, there are hard water deposits building up inside your other household appliances, too. Appliances like your hot water heater, coffee maker, and refrigerator water dispenser are all places hard water can build up. A water softener is a valuable investment to protect your appliances and prevent maintenance issues that hard water build-up can cause. In some cases, having a water softener can double the life of your hot water heater.

If you are struggling with hard water, call Peterson Salt & Water Treatment today for a free quote on a new water softener for your home: 952-929-0422.