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Ask the Expert : How do I choose the right size water softener for my home?

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How do I choose the right size water softener?


There are a few facts you need to gather in order to properly size a water softener for your home. Here are the basic factors you need to consider:

1. How many people live in the home?

2. What is the water hardness for the city you live in? (This information is typically found in city water reports. If you have a private well, you will need to get the well tested).

3. Are there any items in the home that use a high volume of water (whirlpool tub, hot tub, etc…)?

To give you a very general idea of the proper capacity you may need, you can insert the facts you gathered (above) into the following equation:

(# of people in the home)  x (75 gallons per day) x (7 days per week) x (GPG water hardness)

If you were a 3 person household in Hopkins with a water hardness of 20 grains, your equation would result in a total needed capacity of 31,500 grains. The closest sized softener to this capacity is the 32,000 grain size — and it is the most common sized water softener you will find on the Minneapolis market. There are a variety of residential water softeners to choose from in this size and you can view the complete list of them here on our website.

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