Winter Paw: Pet-Friendly Sidewalk Salt

Product Description

If you are looking for a product that will be gentle on your pet’s paws, Winter Paw is the perfect choice. This blend of magnesium and sulfate of potash is safer for your furry friend’s paws, as well as the environment. Winter Paw comes in a reusable 8-pound jug that works well for application on residential sidewalks or the front walk to your home.


  • Pet-friendly, plant-friendly, people-friendly
  • Lightweight shaker makes for easy application

To protect your pet, Peterson Salt recommends using as little ice melt as possible, resealing the product properly when not in use and storing it out of the reach of your pet. If your pet consumes ice melt of any kind and becomes noticeably sick as a result, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.


Key Features

  • Melts to -15 degrees F
  • 120 shaker jugs per pallet
  • Available in 8 pound shaker jugs

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